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Choosing The One!

Will you marry me?

Congratulations! You’ve met the One, you’ve been proposed to, you’ve accepted!

Now to start the planning of the big day, some like to use the internet for research, others visit one of the great wedding shows held at some of the fantastic venues available.

Weddings are intense occasions with the planning becoming a mini-hobby for a few months or even a couple of years. The people involved in your wedding from staff at the venue, your dress provider through to your décor specialists can become a big part of your life for that period of time. It is important that there is trust and friendship yet professionalism between the happy couple and the suppliers.

It is easy to form friendships during this concentrated planning process and whilst this isn’t a bad thing it’s still sometimes good to keep the relationship on a professional footing.

What would happen if you were out for your regular weekly coffee with your makeup artist when she suddenly announces that on your wedding day she can’t get childcare so her 3 year old will be there whilst you’re having your makeup applied on the morning of your wedding? Would you complain and refuse point blank? You really don’t want to upset your friend do you?

Or you’re just scrolling through your social media when you notice that your venue decorator who’s promised faithfully that you are getting their undivided attention on your wedding day has posted a request for their friends to help out on the 12th July as they’ve overbooked themselves and are mega busy. How do you question their dedication to your wedding without offending?


It’s always tricky to get the balance right and even the relationship between suppliers can cross the line. Some people are very fickle and recommend other suppliers on the basis of friendship, others recommend on pricing alone. Cheapest is not always best and quality is very often compromised, the best friend in the world can be unreliable.  When we recommend another supplier it is done after much careful consideration, after firsthand experience of both their work and business ethic. With weddings & events we believe the person behind the product and service is as important as the product itself.

Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier about their professional credentials either. Professional bodies are key for some industries and not others; however insurance is key for all.  Another key thing when choosing your supplier is to ensure that there will be cover if something goes wrong on the day.  A lot of wedding suppliers are sole traders and small businesses so make sure that there is a backup plan. We understand its one of the most important days of your life so a good supplier will not be offended when asked.

We love meeting brides, grooms & their friends and families, we love helping make dreams turn into reality and are happy to recommend and advise on venues, suppliers and point you in the right direction.  So get your wedding folder ready, come along and see us at one of the wedding fairs in the next few weeks and get planning…..

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